Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring Training Opener: Quick Thoughts

Of course this was just the first game of Spring, and it is still February, but baseball is officially back. And this guy couldn't be happier.

The Sox did fall in the Spring opener, but there was actually quite a bit of positive that came out of this two hour and 24 minute affair.

Here are some quick thoughts from the game.

  • Gavin Floyd was right on the money. 6 outs in 6 pitches. Pretty good.
  • Will Ohman, same. 3 pitches, 3 outs.
  • Have to like the way Jordan Danks kicked off Spring. For a guy who is unlikely to make it onto the team, it's nice to see him not wasting time to make an impression. (He doubled in his first AB)
  • Tony Pena got battered around. TCB is the leading site in the "Anyone but Pena" campaign for the long reliever spot on the 25-man roster. Today was a good start.
  • Only 1 error from the starters. It was Beckham on a throw. Camp Cora has hopefully done it's job. Usually teams tons of errors at the beginning of Spring. (LA had 4)
  • The Sox are running. Lillibridge stole a base, and Pierre tried to steal third. Love to see them on the move right from the get-go.
Though it was a loss, it was nice to see the South Siders back on the field, and they actually played pretty well, despite falling 6-5.

Buehrle, Santos, Thornton, Crain, and Sale will all pitch tomorrow. Don't you wish every game was on MLB Network. I know I do.

But just these 9 innings today has the smell of Spring in the air, and I cannot wait for 32 days from now.

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