Saturday, January 29, 2011

Welcome to the New TCB

Over the past year and a half or so the founders of TalkingChicagoBaseball have learned a lot. In this time we joined a blog network, left the blog network, copied our posts onto another blog, had a live podcast, wrote about the Bulls, Fire, Olympics, NCAA football and basketball, and for a few months completely shut down TCB to write for another site.

Though we had some minor successes with each of our escapades, we have decided to go back to our bread and butter. Our site, our rules, on our time. TCB will be run solely by the three founders of the original We design the site, and we control the content on the site.

Back to basics. Simple, easy to read, timely, heavily-biased coverage of the Cubs and Sox. You won't get any fluff about other Chicago teams, or constant links trying to get you to read other blogs on our "network."

Just us. Justin, Ken, and Greg. That's all.

The same guys who run the Twitter (@TalkChiBaseball) that has continued to flourish through all of this. The same guys who hopefully make you laugh; make you think; make you call yourself, your friends, or any of us idiots. The same guys who have all graduated with varying levels of Journalism degrees, who just want to keep writing... on their own time... for their own entertainment (and hopefully yours too).

So welcome to the new TCB. The design has changed, but the content, the writers, and the domain have not.

Welcome back! Sorry we were "gone" for so long.

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  1. enjoyed you more on chicitysports but it was only justin