Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why in the World Would You Put in Pena?

In the last 12 games in which Tony Pena has made an appearance, the White Sox have ended up losing all 12. 12 for 12. Soak that in for a minute. 12 for effing 12. I know they have been losing a lot of games lately, and I know he's sort of a mop up type guy, but to Ozzie he seems to be the go to guy when the game is tied late.

Tonight's game is the exact same situation as the one in Seattle. You don't want to wast Jenks because there could be a save chance later. But Ozzie tonight, and in the Seattle game, decides to go with Tony Pena. Why?

I cannot figure out what rationale could have been possibly used to make that move. I'm fine with Thornton coming out (he got the loss tonight) when he did, faced 4 batters got 3 out, sionara. But to go with Pena over Carrasco just blows my mind.

DJ was ready in the pen. He's the perfect extra inning pitcher. He is used to going 2/3/4 innings and sucking up some big innings when needed. He also has been pretty darn good this year. But no Ozzie time and time again goes to Pena, and time and time again we lose the game.

Tonight's game had nothing to do with the TwinkeeDome problems of the past. Tonight needs to be chalked up to terrible use of the bullpen. If there's one thing that must be addressed in Ozzie's management style it's bullpen management. He seems to have no clue what to do when the game is tied or we trail. If we are winning he makes every move just like he should, but when we are down, he throws all intuition to the wind and throws in whoever he feels has the best chance to screw it up further than it's already screwed up.

Moral of the story, when the last 11 times you have put a pitcher in a game you go on to lose the game, do not put that pitcher in to pitch in a tie game in the 9th inning on the road.

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