Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When You're Wrong, You're Wrong: Mark DeRosa Edition

People are wrong all the time, I'm wrong more than most especially when it comes to baseball. There will be multiple editions of this in the coming month from me, but this one is perhaps the biggest error I made all season. A few months ago I wrote what was more or less a stupid overreaction to a hot hitting streak. I used stupid stats, stupid reasoning, and did exactly what I say you shouldn't do, overreact one way of the other to a hot/cold streak.

Bruce Miles and Another Cubs Blog both were kind enough to point out that in fact since going to St. Louis DeRosa hasn't been as good as Jeff Baker has since coming to the Cubs. The numbers speak for themselves. Baker has been better in every aspect of the game, and brings much the same versatility that DeRosa does.

That doesn't mean the Cubs should have gotten rid of DeRosa, just that I'm okay with it now. The problem when Aramis went down was the organizations stupid decision to not let Jake Fox try third in the minors right away. That cost the team two months of Mike Fontenot and Bobby Scales, all this happening while DeRosa was going through his biggest hot streak of the season.

I have no problem admitting that I was wrong about this. Baker will be able to fill the DeRosa roll next season, the Cubs got three nice prospects, and DeRosa's play in St. Louis hasn't really been what helped the team.

Next up on the I'm wrong list: Kosuke Fukudome

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