Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We Own the Dome

I think Paul Konerko has spoke for everyone when he said, "I'm just happy we never have to play a game here again." But of course if there was a way to go out, this was the way to do it.

What gets to me is that this game didn't mean more. It's sad that the final game the Sox ever play in the house of horrors will go down as a fantastic comeback and one that is as improbable as this goes down as a great win, but not one that will mean anything (hopefully I'm wrong). But with all of the struggles we've seen in this building I think we deserved this game. I think that building owed us something like this as it's final parting gift.

But wouldn't it have been nice if this game put us in first place. Or even cooler if this was a play-in game into the post season. But it wasn't. It was a just a great comeback of a shut-down closer that held serve and kept us a measly 7 games out of first.

Granted it could be a turn for this team, but I highly doubt it. What will ultimately come of this game in regards to the 09 season is most likely nothing. But at least we get a lasting memory of the dome that isn't of us being swept, but instead its of a comeback that no one could have seen coming.

RIP TwinkeeDome, we won't miss you.

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