Friday, September 4, 2009

Morning Cubs and Sox Links

Cubs and Sox played each other so that made this a lot easier. Sox win on a day where neither team wanted to be there.
I'm going back to the old setup again for a few days before I make a final decision.

Cubs-Sox game stories. Tribune. MLB. AP.

Cubs relief pitchers doing well. Cubs need Big Z. All-Disappointment Team.

Peavy plans to pitch soon.  Happy to be on the Sox. Update. Wise's throw. more Wise.

Ozzie surprised by slump. Hope for the White Sox? Wise looking for more playing time.

Sox rotation depends on how they do vs. Boston. Sox promote more minor leaguers

Brenely on Milton. Tough day for Soriano. Disappointment. Aramis wants to play through pain.

Lou, Ozzie, Big Z. Lee's baby. Quick hits. Cubs fans throw in towel

Sun-Times Dump-Sox style. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here.

Cubs style. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here. Here.  

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