Sunday, September 20, 2009

Milton Bradley Suspended for Season

With this Milton Bradley's season, and most likely his Cubs career have come to an end. Jim Hendry sent Milton home and seems fed up with some comments Milton made to the media yesterday regarding the team being negative and him not enjoying his time here.

Honestly this doesn't shock me, and I can't really defend Milton's latest comments if the organization doesn't like them. I think a lot of what he said is true, especially since he's been baited by the media, but I can understand the Cubs being pissed off. Sadly this means Milton will be playing elsewhere next season, and most likely the Cubs will get nothing more than a David Patton-like prospect.

To those that hate Bradley, congratulations you've succeed in running him out of town. Enjoy Micah Hoffpauir in right field next season. I fully admit Milton has been a disappointment this season, but he could have flourished next season. He isn't the reason this team struggled and he shouldn't be the scapegoat the media is making him. Oh well, it's too bad Hendry will overreact this offseason, but I do admit Milton brings a lot of this onto itself.

Recap up after the loss and sweep tonight.

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