Saturday, August 15, 2009

WGN needs new people

Pat Hughes is one of the best play by play men in baseball. Ron Santo is beloved. Judd Sirott, like Andy Masur and Cory Provus before him, is serviceable at what he does. So with all these good things going on with the Cubs broadcast team on WGN, why has WGN handed the keys to the post-game show to a clunker like Jim Memelo?

I have never listened to Cubs postgame on WGN, and I really don't know why. The times I listen to the game on the radio I'll switch over to the Score of ESPN after the game. Today, however, while driving back from Wrigley, the Sox were on the Score and ESPN had the national game. Thus, I meandered over to WGN, and there I ran into Jim Memelo.

Hey, give me credit for even doing the 5 seconds of Google research it took to find out what his first name is. Memelo hasn't done that with Cardinals GM John Mozeliak as he kept referring to "that GM in St. Louis." Sure, this is nitpicking, relatively meaningless post but it really annoyed me how someone in an official capacity with WGN Radio's coverage of the Cubs could sound so idiotic.

Throughout the 40 or so minutes I had it on, Memelo's mouth was a constant stream of cliches. The most prevalent one was that when the Ricketts family takes over, Hendry may be out of a job because they'll want to "bring in their own people." Hmm...Tom Ricketts is an investment banker and the family money orginates with TD Ameritrade. Neither of those sound like situations where Ricketts would have had the time to become close with baseball people. That statement may make sense when talking about a GM hiring his own manager, it didn't in the way Memelo kept pounding it out on AM 720's airwaves.

He also kept ranting about how Lou is not the "fiery leader" the Cubs thought they were getting and this is a big reason this team has underachieved the way it has. Great, someone else gravitating around the "lack of fire" argument. It is easy to simply say that Lou doesn't have "fire" (didn't he just get booted in Denver?) instead of actually analyzing game decision flaws he has had. It is also cliched.

Maybe I just listened on a bad day. Has anyone else had a problem with him? Am I just jumping the gun and judging someone on a small sample size?

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  1. Any and all problems with WGN radio Cubs coverage begins and ends with David "I want to release Carlos Zambrano" Kaplan.