Monday, August 31, 2009

Stop Believing: Cubs Lose to Astros

I said in the series preview this morning that the Cubs should sweep this series, especially if they win game 1. They didn't win game 1, and Roy Oswalt has a lot to do with that. When the Cubs lose to a bad pitcher like Justin Lehr or Nelson Figueroa that is bad offense. When Roy Oswalt does what he did tonight, that is just getting beat by one of the best in the game. 

Rich Harden was hardly on his game today, looking like the first half enigma that ran up a high pitch count with lots of walks and strikeouts. His inability to control the strikezone really cost him tonight, as did Carlos Lee. Harden finished with five innings pitched, five earned runs, six walks, and nine strikeouts. Awful.

Carlos Lee was up to his usual tricks against the Cubs driving in four runs including a two-run homer to deep left-center field. The Cubs shouldn't pitch to him ever. Miguel Tejada is a free swinger hitting behind Lee, take your shot at him rather than Lee. It might sound stupid, but this guy clearly has a thing at Wrigley, he deserves the Bonds treatment.

The Cubs offense was up to its usual tricks for most of the game. Ryan Theriot did get two hits which was nice to see, and Koyie Hill got another hit. Derrek Lee was the hitting "star" with a double (really a dropped flyball) and a homer off LaTroy Hawkins in the eighth. 

The rest of the offense fell victim to bad at bats (Milton Bradley, Fukudome, Jake Fox) and Michael Bourne (Aramis Ramirez). Seriously no other center fielder in the league catchers two of the balls Aramis hit tonight. 

This team just continues to disappoint. Really that is all there is to say about this right now. The next two days should be Cubs wins. If they aren't then something really bad happened. 

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