Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sox Steal Win From Indians

Great comeback win for the Sox tonight, and one they really needed to get. With the Tigers loss to the Twinks in Detroit the Sox moved back to within 2 games of the division lead.

I thought this game was a lost cause pretty early on. When it got to 4-1 with the Sox well into their bullpen and Masterson doing quite well I was ready to cash it in. Luckily for the Sox, the Indians are atrocious. Their next move was to bring in Tomo Ohka who is basically a homerun machine. Thome bomb, Q RBI double later and the Sox tie the game.

Then in the very next inning the Sox did something that made me truely proud. Wise led off with the double. And after a terrible call on a pitch that was well outside, Podsednik was able to ground to the right side to move Wise over on an 0-2 pitch. Beckham took advantage of the opportunity and did what Konerko could not do earlier in the game and drove the ball to the outfield scoring Wise on the sac fly. Very well done.

It was great to see Jenks back in there and back to his dominant form. It was good to see Thornton get 4 outs without having his best stuff. And it was good to see Carrasco continue pitching like he wants that extra rotation spot until Peavy comes back.

There are a few issues that have been running through this series, namely poor umpiring and the Indians' love affair with hitting Sox batters (and the osmosis of those two) that I will be addressing at some point tomorrow. Stay tuned for that. Also, join us at the new official message board of TCB, ChiCity Sports Message Board.

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