Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sox Pull Off Most Pathetic Display of 2009 Season Yet

Very rarely am I so angry that I write a post literally seconds after the game. Usually I allow myself to settle down a little bit so that the post will not turn out 100% irrational. But for the second time this season (first was the Linebrink Cubs game) I cannot help but to spill my guts onto the blog. So here goes.

I can honestly say that this was the most frustrating game to lose on this season. Sure the Cubs loss was bad, and sure there have been some games that have really made me angry, but today I am genuinely pissed. The Red Sox handed the game to our Sox tonight and we didn't take it. In one of the more epic fails I can remember, the Sox could not get the ball out of the infield after the Red Sox basically gifting the Sox a man on third with no outs.

Dye steps up there and looked totally over matched. Then AJ stepped up to the plate with one thought in mind, "I'm not going to screw this up," which is the absolute wrong attitude. Because as we all know when you think it, you do it. He tried to over think the game and it killed him. then Rios looked like he was scared to get a hit. Pathetic.

But it's not only the top of the 8th inning that kills me. The bottom is just as bad. I can handle the fact that Linebrink gives up the home run. You have to accept that when he comes in. But what makes me the most angry is what happened after the winning homer. Linebrink curled up in a little ball and went into the figurative fetal position (he would have done it for real if that was acceptable). 2 more runs cross the plate and the Sox are buried before they ever get to step back up there.

I also take major issue with what happened in the 7th inning. First 2 guys get on, good. AJ bunts, good. Rios flys out allowing for a sacrifice, good. Cox hold Konerko with 2 outs at third, absolutely unacceptable. If you are going to give up an out to move a runner to third, you have to send him when the hitter does what you asked him to do. Why move him over if you are afraid to move him in. There is an obvious disconnect between the manager and the third base coach, and Ozzie better address later tonight.

So now the Sox are 0-2 in two games that were definitely winnable. Tonight more than last night, but nonetheless they are empty handed. 0-2, 9 games left, and 3 are already losses (Twinks). That means there are 6 winnable games left on the trip. We win them all we escape with our heads barely above the water. We win 5 or less, we've failed. See you later Sox, all you had to do was survive until Peavy came back, and guess what, you couldn't even do that. What an absolute joke. It's been fun, and I'm still going to watch, but mark down August 25th as the official date the White Sox died.

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  1. well stated. i agree, i see no room for a turn-around this late in the season, especially with the way the Tigers are playing.