Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sox Fail To Sweep Again

This is now starting to get ridiculous. The last time I posted about this problem it was part of a 4 game set so I wasn't so mad. Today, I'm mad. I'm not mad at the fact that the Sox were not winners today, I'm mad because I feel like Ozzie doesn't give them a chance to sweep.

Nix, Castro, and Kotsay all were in the starting lineup today. Just like every third game of a possible sweep Ozzie throws out the B team. He gives injured guys the "extra" day off, he gives his catcher the day off, he uses reserves so they can get a little extra PT. Unfortunately he does all of these things on the same day. And on those days, we lose.

The Sox have now failed on 5 consecutive home sweep opportunities, running their record on sweep games to 0-5 at home.

I love the fact that we continue to win series, and big series at that, but I just can't stand throwing games away anymore. Play the B team against the Indians...tomorrow, not against the Angels today.

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