Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sorry No Links

No links this morning, I'm just too tired. Odds are there won't be any tomorrow morning either, though I will try and get the Sox ones up at least.

Last night's Cubs game can be addressed briefly however. I would be angry about how I wasted my time last night only to see Kevin Gregg blow another save, by giving up yet another homer. I am angry, its pathetic that Gregg's fastball is essentially a batting practice pitch in a backyard whiffle ball game. His breaking balls are usually really good, but you can't throw a curveball every pitch. 

Lou's excuses are done, and so are mine. Gregg is going to have to get some time in a new role. Perhaps the sixth inning will suit him best. I suppose by Lou's natural order of things and the way he's pitched the last two outing, Carlos Marmol will be the next closer in line. We can bicker about that all day, but I'm simply putting myself in Lou's mind. If Marmol works out, great then we have our best relief pitcher (stuff wise), and the guy who would have to be the playoff closer anyway, closing out games for the rest of the season. If not, hello Angel Guzman.

Don't give up quite yet, I've got some stuff coming in a few hours about the Wild Card. That should give everyone hope for a few days until after the Dodgers sweep us. 

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