Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Peavy Unimpressive in Rehab Number 2

Peavy finished up his second rehab start recording 4 innings allowing 3 earned (4 total) 5 hits all while striking out 5.

Not the best outing but it's nice to see him throw 67 pitches with no reported injury issues. What is disappointing about this outing is that it pretty much guarantees that he will have to have at least one more rehab start.

I would hope that it only needs to be one more, but I'm afraid it's gonna be two. My projected guess of August 23rd is now surely dead, the original projection of the 28th or 29th is probably dead, and with the 3rd out of the picture I'm now estimating it for the 4th. Hope we are still around in the race come early September.

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