Friday, August 7, 2009

Peavy to Start Rehabbing Thursday

The current time frame on Peavy has him scheduled to make his first start in the majors on 28th of August. This news got me really excited, but it also started to make me look ahead.

So I started rubbing my crystal ball, and other than seeing good things in the Sox future, I saw a number of different scenarios that could play out with Peavy. I will start by mentioning that this August 28th day is incredibly flexible, but it is just the way the time line works out if Peavy were to start 3 times in the minors before his start with the Sox.

The first thing that struck me about that was when Peavy's second start would be. Using a normal 4 days rest schedule that would put him on the 2nd of September. On the very next day the Sox travel north a few miles to Wrigley. To me this is the perfect start for Peavy. Put him in a park he's pitched at before, against hitters he knows, and allow him to hit (which according to him is important to him). Not to mention that will get the fans really excited which is always good for the Crosstown Classic.

The other scenario that I thought the most about was him coming back even earlier than that. Odds are he feels fine sooner than 3 starts. Or he is really close and they decide to go with a bullpen session instead of another full minor league rehab start. If that's the case he could be 3/4/5 days earlier than the 28th. That would be awesome. That being said, I'd still like it to work out to where he pitches in Wrigley. That would mean he would need to pitch on the 24th to set it up to make the Cubs game his 3rd start.

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