Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ozzie Must Be Chastised for This

Ozzie said, "we have no other choice" but to start Jose. So why play then? Why even go out there, why risk injury. If our only choice is to start Contreras, and therefore forfeit the game, why even play?

And even worse than that, why lie to the fans? Really, no other choice? There is not another pitcher in the organization, from Triple A to Single A? No one? False. I can name two people that could have pitched, Daniel Hudson and Carlos Torres. What about D.J. Carrasco? How about Wes Whisler, Jeffrey Marquez, Lucas Harrel, or John Van Benschoten? Want me to start naming Double A pitchers? None of these people can pitch? Not one? You are lying Ozzie.

And what is Jake Peavy doing today? Oh yeah, that's right, HE'S PITCHING. Why not let him start this game, basically as a rehab and then put Carrasco in after him? Is it that much more straining to pitch in the majors than it is to pitch in Triple A? No it is not. You still use the same motion, you still throw as hard as you normally would, the only thing that's different is that the game doesn't matter, so you can experiment. But that doesn't make a difference either. Because if we are going to pitch Contreras we are flat out saying, this game doesn't matter, we aren't going to win.

I'm sick and tired of the excuses from Ozzie on this subject. Usually I am fully on Ozzie's side, but this is absolute garbage. Think outside the box, don't just sit there and throw out a joke of a pitcher and watch your division deficit grow and grow and grow.

Oh, and Sergio Mitre is throwing a perfect game as I write this. God I can't take this team anymore.


  1. I completely agree with your frustration... however, at this point our starting pitching is one on a long list of thigns wrong with this organization... at this point in the season it was do or die and we are rolling over like puppy dogs and handing the central away.

    I know that there are a massive amount of players out there who could have pitched today but I almost think it would be stupid to have started a guy like Hudson, who is wicked, against the yankees.

    When trying to develop young players, you do what is right for the player. Hudson should not have to take a beating at the hands of the Yankees because Contreras sucks and fans are sick of seeing him.

    Hudson should get the nod when he's ready to pitch in the big leagues and not one second before

    I do beleive though that Torres, a non-prospect could have done just as well as Contreras today.

    "Contreras sucks" is not a reason to bring up Hudson though.

    Im just... beyond frustrated @ this pt.

  2. So then why not Van Benschoten, or Torres, or Carrasco? And what about the Peavy idea? I'm ok on waiting on Hudson, and Contreras sucks is not a reason to rush someone, but Contreras sucks is a good reason to start someone else.

  3. because by pulling a minor leaguer they'd have to knock someone out of a roster spot- who would it have been? ozzie cant be making those kinds of moves right now and we cant afford to put anyone on the team on the phantom DL