Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ozzie Deserves Alot of Credit in Series Opening Win

Not to take any credit away from the clutch hitting of Bacon and Pods (and Nix I guess), but Ozzie made a gutsy move and it paid off in a big way.

In the 3rd inning Contreras just lost it. Loaded the bases, threw a wild pitch, gave up a hit, threw another wild pitch, walked another guy. Ozzie went out there, talked to him, and took him out. A move that is usually not in Ozzie's arsenal, but today he went for it. Carrasco came in, was great, and the Sox stayed competitive in the game.

Normally Ozzie goes out there and let's the guy try to figure it out. Especially that early in the game. Today he decided to make the move. It put a ton of pressure on Carrasco, but he stepped up in a big way. Couple that with the big hits by Beckham and Podsednik and the leagues best team surrendered at the hands of the Sox again. 4 games with the Yanks and they are no longer the AL's best, 1 game with the Angels and they see the same fate. I love this trend.

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