Friday, August 28, 2009

Frustration at the Tipping Point on the South Side

I'm starting to get really really angry with this team. But I refuse to give up until Peavy is on this ball club. But what I'm afraid of is that by the time he gets here in a week he will not be able to salvage this season.

They continue to fail in every situation they can. They are good enough to be in the game, they are good enough to win the game, they just don't do it. It's really starting to bother me. The 7th inning is a perfect example. Sox start out on fire, 3 hits gets 1 run in, so there are men on 2nd and 3rd with no outs. All we need is a flyout followed by another flyout. That's all. But no, soft line out, man thrown out at home, another man thrown out at home.

Time and time again they are in these games, are in the golden opportunity to win the game, and they come up short. Whether it's baserunning, lack of clutch hitting, bullpen mishaps, fielding blunders, and the list goes on, they always find a way. Its getting to a point that is unbelievable. It's hard to even fathom the fact that they keep finding ways to do it.

The Sox have not won a game in which they did not dominate it since August 19th. Of course they've only won twice since then, but it really kills me that every game that is contested, we do not win. If we aren't way ahead, we won't win.

I'm within seconds of exploding. And I have a pretty strong feeling that tomorrow is the day. I know we can do it, and I know if we can get there we can win in the playoffs, but we have to continue sitting here and watching them find ways to dig a hole. And they are getting darn close to digging a hole that we can't get out of.

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