Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cubs Season Rests in the hands of a Dumpster

Ladies and gentlemen this might just be the last important game the Cubs play this season. With the team in free fall, and last year's Cy Young winner on the mound for their opponent, odds are very good that the Cubs lose today's game and fall 5 back of St. Louis.

Our hope? Ryan Dempster. I'm not really that thrilled about it either. Dempster has always been known to fold up and collapse in big situations (see playoffs, 2008 and his entire run as closer). Naturally this is the guy who has to stop the bleeding, if you can even call it bleeding anymore.

With three end of game bullpen guys able to pitch (Grabow, Guzman, Gregg) it is somewhat possible that the Cubs could win a low scoring game if Dempster were to put in a good effort. Lee has already faced the Cubs once this season while on the Indians, he gave up 3 runs in seven innings. His bullpen cost him that game, and now with the Phillies bullpen I'd be willing to be it won't happen again.

Aramis Ramirez may make his return this afternoon, though that is doubtful. Look for Jake Fox to get another start at third base.

I don't like it when Dempster has to be the stopper, but here's hoping a small miracle happens and the Cubs don't lose any ground in the standings for once.

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