Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cubs-Dodgers Preview

Get ready for one painful series. The Cubs travel to Dodgers Stadium to end their season, and bring up four days of painful 2008 memories. 

Game 1 Tom Gorzelanny (5-2 5.34) vs. Jeff Weaver (5-4 3.71)
The worst matchup of the series, both teams send injury replacements to the mound. There should be plenty of runs scored in this game, though we know the Cubs don't always like to score. Gorzelanny had another solid start after his disaster in Colorado, he shut down his former team in his five innings pitched. Against a powerful Dodgers offense that kills left handed pitching, Gorzelanny might be in some trouble tonight.
Weaver is filling in for the injured Hiroki Kuroda, and he has been a good long-relief pitcher for the Dodgers this year. He has started six times this season, with a 3.08 ERA. The reason Torre went with Weaver? The Cubs right-handed dominant lineup. How ironic.

Game 2 Randy Wells (9-5 3.01) vs. Randy Wolf (7-6 3.43)
This should prove to be the best pitching matchup. Wells is probably the rookie of the year favorite right now, and Wolf is having a real solid season. Wolf seems to always beat the Cubs too, so Wells might have to pitch a perfect game. Still this provides the best chance for the Cubs to win aside from Ted's game. If Wells can be as good as he has been, this game will just add to his ROY resume. 

Game 3 Ted Lilly! (9-7 3.42) vs. Charlie Haeger (0-1 3.86)
The Cubs best and possibly only chance to win in the series. Ted Lilly was his typical awesome self his first start back, only to see Kevin Gregg blow it all away. Not to worry, Ted will go complete game this time. There is concern about the Dodgers killing left handed pitching, but hopefully Ted can nullify that with his awesome death stare.
Haeger is a former White Sox prospect who throws a knuckleball. He had a solid start against the Cardinals this week, but his offense didn't help him and he gave up a few bomb homers. Hopefully the Cubs can get a hold of a few knuckleballs and give Ted enough runs to win.

Game 4 The Dumpster (6-7 4.38) vs. Chad Billingsley (12-6 3.70)
There is no chance the Cubs win this game. Innings eater but not good at pitching Dumpster will probably get lit up by a strong Dodgers lineup. Meanwhile Billingsley is one game off his return from the DL. He was able to beat the Cardinals this week, but having watched that start it was clear his arm wasn't quite ready for a 100+ pitch game. He probably will be able to go long this time, which just adds to the Dodgers chances to win this game.

I'd guess the Cubs get swept in this series, but because Ted gets a start in this series I'll say the Cubs lose 3 of 4. Either way this is the series that officially ends any and all playoff hope for the Cubs. 

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