Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Brace yourselves for the Shark Attack

Tonight marks a historic occasion as one of the Cubs top prospects, Jeff Samardzija, makes his major league starting debut. 

Wait, that's not a good thing. We all know what Samardzija brings to the table, an electric fastball and half a split finger. The Cubs send this unprepared, over matched, and generally bad pitcher to the mound against the best offense in baseball. The Phillies are stocked with left handed power bats and good patience at the plate. Samardzija is "blessed" with piss poor control and a hanging breaking ball. You do the math.

Meanwhile the Phillies send Pedro Martinez to the mound for the first time this season. Now Pedro isn't the old Pedro. Odds are he isn't going to give the best effort because he isn't that good anymore, but its still Pedro which means you kind of have to watch.

My prediction- Cubs lose 11-5. Fall four games back in both races, and I'm writing a sad recap tonight. 

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