Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blind Comparisons Return

We tossed a few out there in our early days (you can find them on the sidebar) and at the request of our favorite Cardinal fan (at least favorite one working in Disney World) its coming back. I've got a number of these sitting on a sticky ready to go up, but if you think of any you would like to see email away.

These aren't necessarily Chicago related, though some will be, and most will have a loose connection to Chicago. There are some that might be a purely random and historical comparison, though I won't use those unless I run out of current players.

Today we have two players whose teams are currently in a series against each other. They have been in baseball roughly the same amount of time, and are both pretty big names.

Player A: Six seasons .318/.387/.545/.932 142 HR 548 RBI 79 SB 133 OPS+

Player B: Six seasons .311/.392/.524/.917 137 HR 541 RBI 115 SB 138 OPS+

So who do you think we have here, and which one would you rather have? Comment away.

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