Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sox Win Another Tougher Tasks Ahead

Mark Buehrle was unbelievable tonight, and the hitting came when we needed it most. Surprisingly Bruce Chen was very good tonight. Nix got him with the long ball in the 4th and the Sox were able to add a few on as the game continued.

Like I said yesterday I don't usually have too much to say when the Sox are doing well because it's hard to complain when they are winning. So not much more to say about tonight.

As for the upcoming games, they are going to get much tougher. Grienke goes tomorrow for the Royals followed by Hochevar and Bannister. Not that Chen wasn't solid tonight but the Sox are going to need to step it up a little offensively if they want to keep the winning streak alive. Hopefully they are able to continue getting the pitching they have been getting and they can scratch a few across off each guy.

The Tigers and Twins begin their series tomorrow so for the Sox wins will propel them either closer to the leader or further into 2nd, while losses will definitely hurt. I see the Sox winning 1 of the next 3, but I'm hoping for 2.

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