Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sox Rotation Update

According to Joe Cowley's Twitter (@cst_sox) the Sox rotation will be as follows: Danks, Buehrle, Contreras, Floyd, Richard.

I have a few problems with the way Ozzie has set it up. First of all he is stacking the lefties. With Danks and Buehrle next to each other, and then Richard in the 5 spot, you are looking at 3 consecutive lefties. There's a huge benefit in having 3 left-handers in the rotation, but when you stack them you allow your opponents to get comfortable. I'd rather they were set out like a batting order. Switch them up to throw your opposition off balance.

Next, I'm not quite sure why Contreras goes before Floyd. If the idea is to get Floyd the start against the Rays instead of the Orioles I understand the move a little more, but I think it was done based on trust. I think right now Ozzie believes more Jose than he does in Gavin, which I think is wrong. Contreras has been good, but his stretches of greatness tend to end quickly and I'm afraid that could happen any day.

The last thing I don't like is that Richard is in the rotation coming out of the break. What does this guy have to do to get taken out of there? He's allowed 23 runs in his last 17 innings. It's time for Poreda or Carrasco to get a shot. The only way I'm ok with this is if it's a one time thing until Colon is ready to go in a week and a half. Unfortunately I don't think that's the case.

Of course with all this gripe, I like the fact that Buehrle is going right back out there in game 2 out of the break, and I think things set real nicely in the first series back. I expect at least 2 wins of the first 3 and all 3 shouldn't be out of the question. Big first series because the Tigers are in New York and this could be a great chance to grab a few quick games before they even realize it.

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