Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sox Injury Update

Quentin is still hobbled, but should be alright. Ramirez's injury does not appear to be too serious. He will have X-Rays on Thursday and Ozzie has already said he will not play in tomorrow night's game.

Ozzie made a comment about Carlos saying that he looks like a "drunk old man" and that he is still experiencing a lot of pain. Mark Kotsay is going to make life a lot easier with these injuries. He is likely to get another start somewhere tomorrow with Alexei out, and I bet Quentin gets a day off soon if not tomorrow as well.

We are now, just under 40 hours from the deadline. I really hope big Kenny has something in the works because after today the Sox are hobbled experiencing problems at SS, LF, and 5th starter. Kotsay can offset some of it, but not everything. Go get me Dan Haren.

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