Friday, July 24, 2009

Solid footing

In what has become a pretty big homestand, with the resurgence of Houston, the Cubs got off to a great start this afternoon beating Rusty Dusty and the Reds 8-3. Oh wait, 8-5. How could I forget that? I mean certified, card-carrying Cub killer Joey Votto stood at the plate as the tying run and seemed due for a big hit. If not a home run at least a double or single to extend the game. However, in what hopefully foreshadows the rest of this homestand, and season for that matter, Votto went down softly and the Cubs found themselves in the win column.

I really like offensive days like this won. Anytime they score 8 runs I'll be happy, but the way they scored made me especially happy today. There was a nice mix of power (4 home runs) and clutch hitting (Ramirez 2-out RBI single and Theriot's RBI roller up the middle). They were also able to overcome some lapses in execution, namely Micah's inablity to make contact with the bases loaded with 1 out and wasting Dome's leadoff double.

Randy pitched well today. Not really well, but he was very solid. Harang's homer wasn't anything to be concerned with; he made a bad pitch and a guy who has a one in a million shot to hit it out did. The wind helped it too. He was dodging jams the first couple of innings and found a way to keep the team in the game. He got the win, and I'll take that over a loss when he gives up two runs or less like earlier in the year.

Despite all the bad news before the game (Holliday trade/Lilly injury), it turned out to be a pretty encouraging day to me. As simple as it is, winning is the most important thing for the Cubs. It doesn't matter if the Cardinals get Manny, Walter Johnson, and Tim Lincecum; if the Cubs win their games and take care of business that is all they can do. Also, if Aramis is back to swinging like he can, the Cubs offense is no slouch itself. Hopefully the Phillies are a litte pissed about giving up 10 runs Wendesday and J.A. Happ continues his dominance tonight against the Cards.

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