Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Morning Cubs and Sox Links

Phillies blow out the Cubs (this line borrowed from every Cubs-Phillies game since 2002) and the Sox take game 1 from the Rays. Here are the links.

Cubs owned by the 2-time champs to be. Tribune. ST. MLB. AP.

More Milton and Lou talk. Lou was happy with how it went. Milton doesn't want to talk about it.

The Rich Harden plan.

Jake Fox is getting it done. Of course Lou sits him after praising him.
Fukudome doing well in the leadoff spot. More leadoff talk.

Sox get a big win in game 1 of a tough series. Tribune. ST. Herald. MLB. AP.

Fred Mitchell and Ozzie talk about the weeks ahead.

Jerry Reinsdorf opens up for a rare interview. This is a lot of Bulls stuff, but it is the Sox owner so I decided to pass it along.
Sox might not be so active in trades, or they might.
Bye-bye Brian Anderson.
AJ has a good night throwing out runners. Something tells me Joe Maddon won't stop running though.

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  1. is there video of AJ throwing out the runners? he's been so bad this year, I was excited that he was able to throw them out!