Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Morning Cubs and Sox Links

Pretty simple this morning. I'll be flying overnight so there won't be any links from today's games posted by me. Friday morning though links will be back. Onto the action from last night.

Cubs lose 2-1. Just another boring game in the long season. Read if you dare. Trib. ST. Herald. ESPN

Ryan Dempster breaks toe. Rundown of similar stories from the same old suspects. Trib. ST. Herald. ESPN

In truly shocking news Sam Zell appears to be a dishonest man and the tried to sell the Cubs to two people. Except that some are reporting this isn't true

Kevin Hart starts today. Here's some fluff to make you try and forget he sucks at baseball

While Ozzie Guillen complained about the White Sox lack of Ted Lilly Game players (come the heck on Ozzie don't be stupid). The Sox won behind Paul Konerko going nuts on the Indians bullpen

The Sox made a deal for Arizona relief pitcher Tony Pena. Story here

Anyone know where Bartolo Colon is? Hopefully nothing bad has happened to Colon, but I do have to chuckle at the thought of Colon and his 300+ pounds not being able to be tracked down. Odds are they should look at the closest Old Country Buffet to his house. 

Finally every Cub Fans favorite human being Mark DeRosa is doing his best to help us. He is on the 15-day DL with a torn tendon sheath in his wrist. This is the same injury that hurt David Ortiz last season and caused him to only play 109 games. 

The usual suspects of Cubs blogs will have recaps up (Always read TCB first though). 
and of course TLFC

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