Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Morning Cubs and Sox Links

Ok another new feature, one that I think actually has some benefit for everybody who comes here and reads TCB. I'll do my best to compile all the Cubs and Sox links I find throughout the internet. Naturally I'll probably miss some at first, so leave any missing links in the comment section. Also I know the relevant Cubs blogs, but I'm not really up on the Sox ones. I do like to link to blogs as well as newspapers so send me those links as well.

Cubs win 4-2 over the Braves. Game stories herehere, here, here, and here

Aramis is back! Read all about it.

Finally it appears that the Cubs have been sold. Kind of. Sort of. Wake me up for the press conference. 

Of course a new owner means a trade can be made. Chris DeLuca doesn't think the Cubs will be making any deals. The Tribune agrees

The Sox were off so just some off-day fluff stuff. 

The Tribune talks about Gordon Beckham getting used to third. They also talk about the Sox in general. 

The Sun-Times sees the Sox starting to hit at home. Carol Slezak (who I might give the Phil Rogers treatment because I think she's an idiot) looks forward for the Sox. 

Carlos Quentin is almost ready to come back. 

Cubs Blogs to Check out (TCB should clearly be the first place you stop still).

Also for future reference the All Star Game will be called the Ted Lilly Game by me from now on. 

Comment or twitter any links we missed. 

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