Friday, July 17, 2009

More Quentin/Colon Updates

Carlos played both games of a doubleheader tonight for the Knights. Both games he was the designated hitter. According to Ozzie he's not hurt but he's sore. The timeline on Quentin continues to look like sometime next week. Ozzie made reference to 6 days, but I'm not exactly sure where that number is coming from.

I fully agree with waiting until Carlos is actually ready to go before bringing him back. The problem is that Anderson or Wise has to play each and every day while we wait. I'd prefer they bring him up and put now and put him out in left for as long as he can go each day because having both Brian and Dewayne is somewhat useless. My guess on Carlos right now would be Monday or Tuesday.

As for Colon he is expected to get another start on Sunday. Ozzie says Colon still remains a possibility to go in one of the two games of the doubleheader in Detroit on the 24th. I think that will probably be the case. I'm not sure if they will give him another tune-up start between the Sunday one and the 24th, but I'd lean towards saying Sunday will be it for Colon's stint.

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  1. has colon only had 1 start at AAA?

  2. He has had 1 in Charlotte and 1 in Kannapolis. He was supposed to have another one earlier but he was MIA for a little while. 3 rehab starts is a lot for starting pitchers.