Saturday, July 25, 2009

Latest on the Sox Trade Front

As we all know the Sox have a very active general manager when it comes trade deadline time. This time around is a little different than most though. The Sox are clearly in the middle of the race, and have a good chance of winning the division even if they stand pat. But they are also in the middle of a pretty large rebuilding project. Therefore, you don't want to trade away all of your future to win this year, but at the same time, much of your future is already here, so why not just take a shot and try to win now.

That being said, we really have no clue what Kenny Williams is up to (nothing new) so here's a little rundown of what I've been seeing, and what I'd like to see go down.

Roy Halladay - The Sox have constantly come up in rumors surrounding Halladay, but never have they actually been linked to a proposal (on either side, because apparently the Jays are making proposals now). There have been numerous articles written about how the Sox should get him, and many about how they shouldn't. I'm kind of on the fence. Of course I want Roy Halladay on the Sox, who doesn't. but I'm not willing to cash in any player on the major league starting roster. Fields, Poreda, Richard, Carrasco, they can go. But when you start talking about Beckham, Alexei, Getz, Danks, forget about it. I'd give the farm for this guy right now if we could keep the big league team together, but once you start clipping wings of the current team, you walk a tight rope as to how much the new guy will actually help. All that being said, the Sox are not going to get Roy Halladay. He's either going to go to the Phillies in a deal that includes J.A. Happ or he'll remain in Toronto. My bet's on the latter.

George Sherrill - This is the latest name I have seen linked to the Sox. While there is not much written in Sherril to the Sox, I think this one makes a lot of sense. With Jenks struggling and Thornton, Linebrink, and Dotel all becoming a little shaky, the Sox could really use another shutdown guy in the pen. I have no clue what the cost would be on Sherrill, but I think a few prospects would be worth it for the Sox.

Dan Haren - The Sox and D-Backs have been trade partners a few times in the past, including once earlier this year for Tony Pena. Obviously Haren would be a huge upgrade to the Sox rotation, but I'm not sure they have what it takes to get him from Arizona. The package that was set up for Peavy suddenly seems weak now that we are getting closer to the deadline. However with Anderson and Fields now in the trade mixer for Kenny, I think they could get something done. This is the most likely blockbuster that involves the Sox if there is going to be one that happens.

Ben Sheets - This one isnt really a trade rumor, it's more of a signing rumor. Sheets is still injured but according to Buster Olney he is getting healthy quickly. This one is a long shot because of money and health reasons, but a healthy Sheets in the middle of the Sox rotation would be out of this world. Of course healthy and Sheets have never been written in the same sentence before that last one.

Those are just 4 names I think are actually possibilities. The thing about Kenny Williams is that you never have any clue what kind of deal he could pull out. Whether it's having something set up for Peavy, or trading for Ken Griffey Jr., it's hard to tell what's on his mind on any give day. One thing I do know though is he is not afraid to be active. I think they do need to make a move if they want to take a shot at winning it all, but if all things remain the same in Chicago, Detroit, and Minnesota, there's no doubt the Sox could emerge on top of that trio.

If there are any people I missed, or anyone you think we should discuss, please comment below and we will talk about it.

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