Thursday, July 9, 2009

Clayton Richard Starts on 3 Days Rest, Should Not Start Again

I didn't think it was a good idea to give Clayton another start period, yet alone on three days rest. Clayton has been by far the worst in the starting rotation since Contreras returned from the DL. And after today, I don't think he is giving Ozzie any choice but to take him out of the rotation.

So now it has to come down to Poreda or Carrasco to get the start coming out of the break. The way the schedule lines up with the All Star Break and the extra day after it, the 5th starter spot is not scheduled to pitch again until July 21st. What that does for the Sox is that it gives them a chance to keep Poreda and Carrasco in the bullpen, let one of the stretch out during the break and on the side, and gives Clayton time to get back in bullpen form.

I think the leading candidate is Poreda. He has been great since getting the call up from Triple-A. After today he has thrown 10 innings allowing just 1 run. He has surrendered 8 hits and walked 4 in those 10 IP but the runs is the key and he has held those to a minimum. Carrasco has struggled as of late, and he has already gotten a shot at starting in the past without a ton of success.

The dark horse to get that spot is Colon. Of course he is MIA right now, but that should change before too long. If he can go into that rehab stint and look good, there's no reason he shouldn't get another chance to get back in there. For me I'd give Poreda a chance first, but don't count Bartolo out for that spot.

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