Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Five In a Row for Sox

The Sox have been so hot that it's actually hard for me to figure out anything to write about. I can't cry about stranding runners on third, I can't whine about bad managing, and I can't bitch about Linebrink being bad, because non of these things have been happening.

The Sox finished off their 2nd sweep of the year this time against the other bottom feeder of the Central on the road. With the win and the afternoon loss by the Tigers the Sox are now just 3 games away from the top spot in the division. And as we look forward to the holiday weekend the Sox have a great chance to do some damage in Kansas City, while the Tigers and Twins square off for a huge series in the TwinkeeDome.

I find it very odd that when the Sox win I basically sit back with a smile on my face and don't worry about the bad things happening with the team. When they lose all of those thoughts come pouring out. So for this night (and the last 4) I can sit back, relax, and enjoy the W's.

Note - My stat about Beckham getting hits correlating to the Sox winning is getting even more impressive. He has at least 1 hit in 12 of his last 15 games and the Sox have won 11 of those 12 (and the 1 loss was the 2nd Cubs/Sox game).

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