Saturday, June 27, 2009

What a Season Series

Thankfully I am in a substantially better mood today as I was yesterday afternoon. I was happy with the Sox resiliency from the fact that they lost the last two games to the Cubs to the in-game resiliency we saw today.

But the reason I am writing this today is because I want to comment on the amazing season series that is taking place between these two teams. There has only been one "bad" game which was game 1 of the first series. The Sox played incredibly well in that game and it was not an incredibly close game. But every other game has been hotly contested. The comeback by the Cubs in the game 2 of the Wrigley Series, the blown opportunity/bullpen save yesterday, and today's game. It has been really a fun time to watch, as frustrating it is I am happy the Sox finally won a game so I could realize it. I hope the national media is seeing what is happening here. These two teams are so similar (flaws included) and because of that they are playing great game after great game (to watch, not great baseball). I just really hope people are seeeing this and seeing how good of a season series this has been.

Now this... Dear Gordan Beckham, I am sorry for being so hard on you, that was awesome today and I love you. But you do need to get going a little bit. Congrats on the walk-off and I hope this is the figurative light switch turning on to the beginning of a terrific career.

That is all I have to say today. Good job Gordan, good job Jenks, good job Scotty P, stop making errors Alexei (but I still love you). That is all. SOX WIN, thank god.

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