Sunday, June 28, 2009

Talk about a snide tone

This post is for the Cub fans, and the Sox fans too if you feel like getting adventuresome. Click on this link. It will take you to a story by Derrick Gould from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which despite being housed in a derelict building near the Edward Jones Dome, is a pretty good newspaper.

However, one thing that the Post-Dispatch really enjoys doing is turning their noses up at the Cubs and their fans. I understand that Cubs/Cards is a rivalry and that the newspaper is simply playing to its readership.

It just bothers me that it seems a lot of writers/reporters over there take such pleasure in bashing the Cubs on a such a regular basis. Would you ever see the Tribune or Sun-Times do that? No way! Even during the Crosstown Classic, both Chicago papers take respectful approaches to the other team (i.e. Mark Gonzales/Paul Sullivan's letters to eachother).

It is the same on Cardinal broadcasts on FSN Midwest. Should they be happy if the Cubs lose? Of course they should. But they shouldn't pepper in snide comments. When Hawk/Stone and Len/Bob list off the score/result of the opposite Chicago team during their broadcasts, it is always respectful. Hawk even thinks the Cubs are going to rebound and win the division (which is more than some Cub loyalists themselves can say).

I think I'll do a post sometime soon comparing the rivalries with the Sox and Cardinals and listing the positives and negatives of each one. Both are great rivalries so I don't think one is "better" than the other, but the Cardinal media definitely is worse than the Sox media. After all, Hawk is probably my favorite broadcaster out there.


  1. I, as a Sox fan think that is stupid. I do not bash the Cubs for the sake of bashing.. Although I hate when Sox fans get the bad rap of being mean or whatever.

    I put a Sox static sticker on my car window last year, and someone keyed an X on the sticker. Now I have an X scratched on my window.. I'm assuming this was from a drunk but lovable Cubbie fan?

    I know there are crappy fans on both sides.. But me personally, I never wish ill-will towards the Cubs, especially when they have no stake on the outcome of the Sox.. yet last year when the Sox were playing the Twins and then the 1 game playoff for the pennant, all I saw from my facebook friends were "go twins".

    Has anyone else noticed the bias from local media? ABC & NBC seem to favor the Cubs way more than the Sox. Whenever I watch the news, I hear slight jabs.. Or if both teams lose by a similar score, the sportscasters say "the sox got hammered" while the Cubs simply lost.

  2. Yeah I know where you are coming from about all the Cub fans cheering for the Twins last fall. I (Cubs fan), don't understand why any Cubs fan would NOT want the Sox in the playoffs. It is just good for Chicago and the prospect of a Crosstown World Series should be enough for fans from either side to cheer for the other in that regard.

    My problem is not with fans (you are right there are good and bad everywhere), my problem is when the media doesn't act professional. Occasional jabs are okay, but the all out assault from St. Louis is really annoying. Mark Gonzales, Chuck Garfein, Hawk don't do that and I really appreciate that.

  3. St. Louis is a C class city that thinks it's an A-list one. They can't understand why a team from Chicago that is less successful would get more attention nationally. Guess what the grown man cities get treated like such and act like it too. STL is the 13 year old kid to chicago being the 23 year old. They act like it too. Jealous writers who would all kill to work in a major market.