Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sox Updates

There are a few things I want to touch base on so I'll just lump them all into one topic.

First off, Gordon Beckham has been called up to the major leagues and will replace Wilson Betemit. Joe Cowley's Twitter says that Beckham will spend much of his time at third. Seems odd to me because Fields isn't doing that poorly in my opinion, but I'm not going to argue with Beckham getting a chance. I just want to say right now that we need to be patient with this guy. If he truggles at first we need to calm down and let him settle in. He's played only 59 games professionally, and though he's flown through the minors we need to go in expecting nothing and being grateful with any contribution he brings. Hopefully he's as good in the majors as he has been in the minors. I'm really excited for this guy, and I hope he doesn't play tomorrow because I want to see his debut (stupid work).

Next, Brian Anderson and the Ozzie saga. There was a large rant earlier today by Ozzie about people complaining about how Wise has been playing over Anderson and that Ozzie has something against Brian. There are so many things wrng here. First, stop questioning Ozzie. He's the best we manager the Sox have ever had, so let him manage and stop sending him emails about the lineups (create a blog and whine on there instead, or post on this blog). Next, Wise is not as bad as he's been. He struggled at the beginning of the year and then right when he started to heat up got hurt. Now he's struggling, but he will come around, so hold your horses. Lastly, Brian Anderson is garbage. Sure he's good defensively but so was Mike Caruso. I'm sick of people telling me that Brian Anderson is a good hitter, because it's just false. He is not a good hitter, he is actually a bad hitter. Two opportunities in tonights game to make something happen he grounded into double plays both times (lucky for him they threw one away and the Sox scored a run).

So stop crying to Ozzie, and stop saying Brian Anderson is good. That is all.

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