Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sox Dominate Cliff Lee, Really?

Time and time again the Sox are unable to strike against pitchers they have never seen, but when Cliff Lee is on the mound, not problem. How in the world is this possible. Earlier in the year Lee was dominate against the Sox, and all signs pointed to that being the case again today. Boy was that wrong.

The Sox struck for 4 runs in the first and then added 3 more over Lee's stay in the game. It's starting to make me think that maybe they are really turning a corner offensively. From top to bottom in the order guys are going up hacking and not walking away empty handed.

Beckham has continued his charge and is now up to almost .270. Dye with 3 hits, Anderson 2, Pierzynski 2, and it goes on and on. Every guy in the starting lineup had a hit today and the Sox are starting to look like a legitimate contender for real. They have scored at least 4 runs in each of their last 7 games and have scored at least 6 in 6 of those games. Those numbers have turned into 6 wins out of 7 (counting tonight) and have gotten the Sox to within a reasonable distance of the league leading Twins.

Hopefully we can finish the sweep off tomorrow, roll into KC and continue playing well there. 2 weeks ago I was begging for the All Star break, now I'm wishing it will never come (except that Carlos might be back).

EDIT - The game has officially been called. The final score is 11-4 White Sox. That's 4 in a row and 6 of 7.

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