Friday, June 26, 2009

Reading between the lines?

"You know what, it's true," he said with a laugh. "It usually works. This one didn't work."

This quote is from Lou while talking about Milton Bradley's failure to break his bat over his knee after striking out in the 9th inning on Wednesday night. The whole Bradley conversation centered around his absence in the lineup Thursday and probability that he won't play Friday (this all comes from this Tribune article).

Is Lou really talking about Bradley's attempt to break his bat, or he is really talking about the signing of Bradley in general?

"This one didn't work"

Hmmm. According to Sullivan, Lou took a long pause before he said this. With the weight of a four game losing streak and failures from all facets of the team in Detroit at one point or another, did the truth sneak out? Freudian slip?

Probably not, I'm just a frustrated Cub fan looking for anything to write about that isn't about bad clutch hitting and blown saves. I actually still have faith Milton will put together a decent year. Danks and Buerhle are really good pitchers, but Milton has been so much better from the right side that two days of left handed pitching might do him some good.

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