Friday, June 26, 2009


That's one of the most embarrassing losses I've seen in a long time. I'm not going to sit here explain everything that went wrong in the last 3 innings of that game because I don't think Blogger allots that much space.

This is consecutive games that Ozzie has blown for the Sox. You do not pinch hit to force a pathetic pitcher out of the game. Let Castro hit and make Lou make a decision on Marmol.

AJ does not deserve to be let off the hook either. What a joke, 1 pitch 2 outs, 1 game. This team continues to fail miserably when it matters most.

I also want to mention the fact that the umpire did not have desire to see any more baseball once it got to the 9th. 2 pitches to Getz got him out, and the pitch to Podsednik was not within a foot of the plate. Bill Miller is the guilty party here. He was fine the entire game until the 9th. I'm not sure if the league goes back over pitches that umpires miss, but this one needs to be looked at. That is absolutely unacceptable.

Tomorrow and Sunday are must wins. You have handed an inferior team two consecutive games and you need to impose your will before they head out. The Sox are not a good team, but they certainly should not have lost last Thursday and this game was there for the taking and no one wanted it. I don't want to overreact because of one horrible game, but it's hard to not look at the big picture. Your division rival just went in a smoked this team (including a game much like this one that the Tigers won) and you continue to toil around unable to figure out how to come up with a big game.

Every time this team wins a big game they promptly blow it the very next day. This is bad, and it's in danger of getting really bad. That is all I have to say, now let me go to the store to buy some carpet cleaner to wash out the puke that I splattered all over my floor during this game. And in the words of Jack Bauer, DAMNIT!!!!!!

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