Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Pitching Matchups

Ozzie has announced that John Danks will pitch for the Sox on Wednesday and Floyd on Thursday. The Cubs have announced they will go with Dempster tomorrow and Zambrano will pitch on Thursday.

On the Sox side of things this is a win/lose. It's a huge win because they don't have to face Randy Wells. Which means they at least have an outside chance of scoring some runs in the remaining two games. It is a lose because Contreras will not pitch against the Cubs he will instead open up the series against Cincinnati.

I'm not sure what the plan is, and I'm not exactly sure anyone knows what the plan is. If I had to guess they will probably go with a day/night two stadium doubleheader at some point next week when the Cubs are scheduled to travel to the Cell. Sunday seems like it will be the most likely scenario as to when they would play that game, but then again Sox are traveling to Cleveland and the Cubs to Pittsburgh which doesn't seem like a great idea. Saturday is out of the mix because the game is scheduled for 3:05 on FOX. Can't play a DH on that. So it would have to be Friday I guess. I just don't understand this at all.

I'm not claiming anything fishy is going on, I just don't get what is going through the decision makers minds. So you cancel the game (early and for seemingly not enough of a reason) then don't give a make up date? Even though there's only one day that makes sense. Not sure what the deal is.

Joe Cowley says the game could be made up in September. Prepare for a rant from me if that's the case.

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