Monday, June 8, 2009

Lose One, Win One, What to Think

The big issue I have with today's pair of games was how winnable game 1 was. Game 2 was all White Sox all day. But game 1 was one that I thought the Sox had a great chance of winning after tying it up in the 7th, and they just gave it away. The error by Fields was just awful. You literally have until sundown to throw Miguel Cabrera out at first base and Fields rushed the play not knowing who was running. Very next hitter Alexei boots a grounder. And then one hitter later neither Fields nor Alexei could get to the ball in the hole. Devastating way to watch a game go south.

As for game 2 that was one of the more pleasant games to watch all year. Contreras was unreal and the hitting was solid, not good, just solid. There was still a key opportunity that was missed in the first inning when Beckham walked and Getz failed to convert with the bases loaded. If the Sox want to come out of this funk for good they are going to need to start knocking people in with 2 outs, and coming up with big hits when pitchers are on the ropes.

My question now is, when does Contreras get another start, and who gets bumped? Will it be Colon? Richard? 6 man rotation? Its really a hard call and honestly I don't have a good answer to that question. My guess would be that Richard gets skipped the next time around as the Sox hope to get another game like they got out of Jose tonight. We'll see what they decide to do with that, but a lot more work to be done before that. I'm hoping for all 3 but I can settle with 2.

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