Sunday, June 21, 2009

Guzman to DL, talk about a bad break

Angel Guzman is headed to the DL with a strained right triceps. How unfortunate is that, considering how well he has been pitching over the last month or so. You have to wonder if yesterday's two scoreless innings he pitched played a part, seeing as he was "unavailable" (according to Len and Bob) until the game went to extras.

According to this article Lou believed they could have gotten away with keeping him on the roster, but I think DL'ing him is the right move. With all the extra-inning games the Cubs have played so far, having a fresh arm won't hurt. However, if that fresh arm (Kevin Hart) puts up anything close to the 6.51 ERA he did last year in 21 appearances, that theory is shot.

As a Cub fan you really just have to hope Guzman can come back and keep his effective pitching going. Not only was it nice to have someone actually throwing strikes out of the bullpen, but it was nice that a failed Cub starting prospect didn't turn into a solid reliever for another organization (Juan Cruz).

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