Thursday, June 25, 2009

Great Series vs. Dodgers

After dropping game one the Sox looked like they were in deep trouble against the National League's best. But just about 40 hours later the series turned out to be a rousing success. Any time you win a series it's a nice thing, but when you do it against the team with the best record in the league it's great.

Of course over the course of the week the Sox lose a game in the standings as the Tigers decided it was time to unleash against the Cubs (hopefully we feel it's our time too this weekend). But even with the dropping of the game I still think this is a good week for the Sox and one that can hopefully help put them on the right track.

I thought the problem of resiliency was definitely addressed this week. From the falling behind in the series as a whole, to the trailing early in games two and three, and giving up a lead in the 7th of game three and coming back to win that one. They showed a lot of heart in this series and hopefuly it will be something that can be taken out of this series and applied in the future (like how bout this weekend).

The final thing that I found great about this series was the hitting as a whole. Other than that game the Sox really came out to hit in the last two games. With the 6 home runs in game two and then the 6 runs as wells as the 5 run come back this afternoon this will hopefully become the norm. There were a lot of different guys that came up with some big hits.

This weekend is a chance for revenge White Sox. You are hitting the ball well right now. You know you should have swept that series last week (2 games for sure and I was feeling 3 if not for the rain). And you are playing as well at home as you have all year. Make this count, we are begging you.

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