Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Good Things Must End Sometime

It was about time the Sox threw out a real stinker. But this game bothered me more than it should have today, and the reason why is quite simple. I can't take this whol not being able to hit young pitchers anymore. Vin Mazzaro is not good. Trevor Cahill was not good. Josh Outman and Brett Anderson are not good either. But the first two have mezmorized the Sox and I'm sure the other two will do the same. Because in baseball trends don't change.

For as long as I can remember the Sox have not been able to hit young/new pitchers. If it's the first time Sox hitters are seeing a guy, they have little to no chance. And I'm going to go ahead and lump this into my fire Greg Walker resume. Whether it's pre-game preparation, in game adjustments, or poor game plan obviously something is missing. And who's fault is it when a full team of hitters is not ready to hit? Well to me that would be the hitting coach.

But enough crying and campaigning for Walker's release, let's move to the future. Like I said in the title good things must end at some point. 4 games in a row and the first 2 of the last 4 series can't last forever. But what is important is that the Sox rebound from tonights bad perfomance and come out strong tomorrow. Clayton has been great and all signs point to him needing to stay the same if the Sox are going to be competetive tomorrow. Josh Outman is the starter for the A's. He's 2-0 with an ERA just over 3. But more importantly he's 0-0 in 0 IP against the Sox, meaning odds are the Sox won't score too much on him. So hopefully there is a new approach from Sox hitters tomorrow to break this one game funk before it expands to what we saw at the beginning of May.

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