Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dodgers Are Good, But Come On

I know the Dodgers are the best team in baseball, and I know their pitch staff is really good. But 2 hits in the first 8 innings followed by a half-hearted comeback attempt in the 9th is just pathetic.

When the Sox face pitchers with sinker balls they almost always struggle. Against sinker ball pitchers you have to attack them early, and use the entire field to get hits. Only one hitter had a good AB in the first 2 innings (Konerko's HR) and almost no one hit the ball hard the other way. Kuroda's ERA was under 3.5, but he looked like the best pitcher in the majors tonight.

I'm really getting sick of the way this team attcks pitchers. I know I'm probably still beating a dead horse, but Greg Walker must go. US Cellular Field is considered on of the most hitter friendly parks in the league (Jake Peavy sucks) and the Sox are last in the majors in batting average at home. Who is to blame when it's a collective poor effort, has to be the hitting coach in my mind. It would be more of a message being sent to the hitters, but anything to wake this team up would be welcome.

Tomorrow the Sox face Randy Wolf. He has faced the Sox once in his career going 6.2 innings allowing just 1 earned run. I trust that Gavin can give the Sox 6/7/8 innings of 2 or 3 run ball but it's probably not going to be enough. Sox are in trouble of falling out of this thing for real by the end of the week. Need to kick it into high gear quick or else there will be some white flag waving soon in our future.

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