Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cubs fire Perry NOT DeJesus

Before today's game with the Twins, Jim Hendry gave the hook to Gerald Perry (NOT Ivan DeJesus, as would have you believe). I don't so much like this move as Gerald Perry is clearly not the root of the offensive struggles.


- Soriano hitting .233. No matter what anyone, even Ted Williams, says to Alfonso, he is not going to change his approach or his swing. He is what he is, so his struggles can't be attributed to Perry.
- Slow starts from Bradley/Lee. Also not Perry's fault, simply the fault of achey veterans experiencing nagging injuries.
- Aramis-less lineup. Unless I missed something, Perry did not run out and pull Aramis' shoulder out of the socket.

I think the stuggles of Soto and Fontenot can be pinned at least somewhat on Perry, because they are both younger hitters who look uncomfortable at the plate. However, even with those two, Soto has no track record and the possibility exists last year was a mirage and Fontenot was a part-time player transformed into a full-timer, a dropoff is expected.

Another interesting facet of this move is what Lou's role in the decision was. He clearly had an affinity for Perry as he was his hitting coach from 2000-2002 in Seattle. I know it will never be published, but I'd love to know what Lou's reaction to this was, or even if he was a major player in the decision.

Von Joshua...good luck. Maybe the .08 you have on Gerald Perry in career average will ignite the Cubs.

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