Friday, May 15, 2009

Ted Lilly Makes his Cy Young Push, Weekend Preview

Ted Lilly continued his quest to win the Cy Young by improving his record to 5-2 and putting his ERA at a solid 3.27 with a 6.1 IP 3ER 0BB 7K effort. The Cubs then finished off the sweep behind Ryan Dempster's good start and Bobby Scales strong hitting.

Today's game against the Astros was rained out, and Randy Wells will be pushed back and start tomorrow. Another off day is never a bad thing, and while we will pay for it July 30th with the make up day, every day that passes without a game with Aramis out is a small victory. 

Wells will face Roy Oswalt tomorrow afternoon, and Milton Bradley will have to sit out due to suspension. Since Bobby Scales is currently playing out of his mind it won't hurt to have him out one game. I'm Derrek Lee will return to the lineup, though that might not be a good thing. This means either Hoffpauir in right or Reed Mantle in center- hopefully RJ gets the start. 

Ryan Theriot was accused of using steroids by Rick Telander, what a joke. I'm not going to link to the article because it isn't worth the time. If Theriot were using steroids he would be getting bigger, and would hit homers that aren't wind aided shots that only happen at Wrigley. I hate when Chicago journalists go stupid (Phil Rogers does this every day).

Big Z will be back next weekend, Ted Lilly is making a run at the Cy Young, and the rest of the rotation is pitching well. The bullpen will hopefully get better, and I'm really hoping that without Aramis we can get the offense going and his return will put us over the top. For the first time all season I feel good about the Cubs. 

So expect a six game losing streak soon. 

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