Thursday, May 21, 2009

Peavy Officially Turns Down the Sox

Jake Peavy is an absolute joke. How can a pitcher of his caliber be afraid to switch leagues. It's pretty pathetic that this guy is not even confident enough in his stuff to step up to a challenge. He's happy with sitting back in his cushy ball park, in the inferior hitting league in baseball, pitching to 7.5 hitters per day as opposed to 9 in the AL.

I was not thrilled at the way the process worked out. The pressure that was put on Peavy himself (which he crumbled under) and the pressure put on the Sox to try and lure him to Chicago. I don't understand how a deal like this can be fully agreed upon only hinging on a primma donna's no-trade clause. I'm sure this is not the way Kenny Williams intended it to go down, and I'm even more sure he's not thrilled with the final outcome.

I could go on for years about how much of a pansy Jake Peavy is. I don't understand how an athlete has the power to dictate exactly what league he wants to play in, what team he wants to play in, and what ballpark he prefers. What's next, is he going to ask the opposing team to only use players that he can get out. What a woos, I'm starting to wonder if the Sox would even want a guy who has Cy Young ability but doesn't trust himself.

So what does this mean for the Sox. Well first of all I think Peavy just took a direct shot at the organization. He claims he didn't want to leave the NL, he didn't want to go to a home run park, but I there is no way you can't look at this as a slap in the Sox face. Maybe it will light a fire under the White Sox. Peavy says he wants to go to a team that's going to contend, and by turning down this deal he's telling the Sox he doesn't think they are good enough to win.

As far as organizationally for the Sox. I really respect what they tried to do here today. Kenny Williams isn't one for waiting around. He went out and tried to do something that would positively impact the team tomorrow. Too bad the guy he targeted is too afraid to pitch in Chicago. Too afraid to leave Petco Park where his ERA is well under 3. Too afriad to have to face desginated hitters. Too afraid to embarrass himself and prove how much of a product of the ballpark that he thinks he is.

I'll end with this. Jake Peavy has immeadiatley risen to one of my least favorite players in baseball. It's sad that a guy with as much talent as he has can't even trust himself. A normal (non-childish) athlete would step up and take the challenge. Show the league how good he is. Prove to the world that he's not only good because of the park he pitches in. But that's not who Jake Peavy is. Jake Peavy is a man who does not trust himself, and is too scared to get out of his comfort zone. Good work Jake, you are the new public enemy number one on the South Side. I cannot wait until the Padres make their next trip to the Cell, you think Disco Demolition night was bad, that was nothing.


  1. While I understand your anger, to be angry because he can dictate where he goes is kind of silly. People choose where they go all the time. Odds are a no-trade clause will help and hurt every team.

    Plus I would also argue that you don't want a guy who is so home park reliant anyway. He would have struggled at The Cell because he is a flyball pitcher, and I'm betting by the time that 2013 $22 million option comes around he will be an overpaid waste.

    If Peavy had a only this year or another year on his contract, then this is a no-brainer, otherwise Peavy can be a huge risk down the road.

  2. Peavy says he likes hitting and NL style ball, and he's just dumb enough for me to buy that.

    Us Padres fans wish he went to the Sox, too.

  3. A no trade clause is a part of baseball, it's a tad unfair to make one guy "public enemy number one," when Paul Konerko can do the exact same thing with his full no trade clause in his contract. If he rejects a propose trade, do the fans of the team trading for him have the right to call him a "pansy" or "primma donna?"