Sunday, May 24, 2009

Five Reasons Not to Panic Cubs Fans

Seven game losing streak is unfortunate, but I think there is some hope for the Cubs. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Starting Pitching
Carlos Zambrano is back, and while he isn't the great pitcher he used to be, he is still pretty good. Ted Lilly has been a victim of bad offense, and I see no reason why he can't win 17 games again this season. Ryan Dempster has started to be good at pitching again, and hopefully that will be more the norm. Sean Marshall has been impressive as the fifth starter, hopefully some offense will come his way. I've been real impressed with Randy Wells and I think he can be a valuable contributor to this team. Rich Harden has been real hit or miss so far, and I think this DL stint will do him a world of good.

2. Carlos Marmol and Angel Guzman
These two have looked really really good so far this season, Marmol will always have some control issues, but his stuff is awesome and he almost always gets out of the tough jams. Guzman has turned into a strike throwing machine that is setting himself up to be the regular seventh inning guy. 

3. The hitting cannot get worse
Sure it can stay the same, but it can't be worse. Fontenot got some hits the last few days, Bradley was driving the ball into the depths of hell in San Diego. Soto was hitting some balls hard, though he is still a fatass one-year wonder in my book. Odds are Soriano and Theriot aren't going to get any worse, somebody just needs to tell Theriot he isn't a power hitter.

4. Aramis will be back
Not any time soon, but he will come back. If this team can somehow play a bit above .500 while he is out, they can make a huge push at the end.

5. Oh What the Hell
PANIC. Seriously this team is a disaster right now. Odds are they are about a .500 team the rest of the way unless the hitting picks up. Its been pathetic at best recently, and that comes with some nice starting pitching. With Heilman and Gregg in the bullpen who knows what could happen if Marmol and Guzman need a day off. 

The Cubs are in for a rude awakening tomorrow night when they get booed like crazy. 

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