Monday, May 4, 2009

Bye Bye Zambrano

We are going to be without Carlos Zambrano for a while, Bruce Levine thinks he is headed to the DL, and I agree. I will never criticize a player for playing as hard as he can, anybody who has ever gotten mad at a player for not hustling is in the same boat as me even if you don't realize it.

Z will miss some time to heal his hamstring, honestly giving his arm some rest isn't the worst thing. I think every starting pitcher should get one DL stint a season to keep their arm fresh. As more official news comes in I will update this post and bump it up to the top. In the meantime does anybody think Zambrano did something wrong in this case?

Some possible subs for Zambrano's pitching slot include Mitch Atkins and Randy Wells from AAA. Former relief pitcher Jose Ascanio might also get a look. 

3:45 Update: Levine is saying Z goes to the DL and Bobby Scales comes up. No word on who starts Friday, but I would guess Jeff Samardzija. 

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